RockOpera Praha is the only Czech theater which focuses on rock operas. It takes pride in its sophisticated rock music, which is not designated only for orthodox fans of the genre, in its acrobatic visual show, great vocalists and impressive instrumental performances of the band.

The founders of the project are composer and keyboard player Milan Steigerwald and librettist and singer Pavla Forest, who are the sole authors of all the rock operas the theater performs. Some of the biggest stars of RockOpera are Kamil Střihavka, Viktor Dyk, Jan Toužimský, Jiří Zonyga, Pavla Forest, Žántí and others.


RockOpera Praha offers a unique music and visual experience. Its hall can take up nearly eight hundred spectators. Do not hesitate and go see a rock opera!

Dear RockOpera Prague fans.

As a result of the decision of the Government of the Czech Republic to cancel theatrical and other public productions, we are forced to cancel our performance in the coming days and weeks until further notice. Existing tickets are valid without restrictions. Once these measures have been revoked, we will replace the canceled performance with new terms
Please keep an eye on our website, Facebook and Instagram for further information.
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Unfortunately, in times of emergency, customers cannot come to our cash register personally. We closed it. Requests and questions can be directed to e-mail Although we do not yet know the exact dates of all moved performances, tickets are still available at We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. Your RockOpera Prague