Rock opera by Milan Steigerwald and Pavla Forest. Based on Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy´s novel.

Premiere 25. 11. 2015 in RockOpera Praha. 


Anna Karenina, the wife of a civil servant and a loving mother with moral values, becomes a heroine seeking genuine emotion and sincerity in love, a woman condemned by the society for her infidelity and unacceptable behavior, suicide person, whose mixed-up psyche, despair and hopelessness force her to end her own life. An extraordinary timeless tale of passion intervention in the fate of a relatively balanced couple became the model for a new rock opera by Milan Steigerwald and Pavla Forest.

"The derailment from the current state of affairs, emotional tension, and the strength of uncontrollable emotions is what makes Anna Karenina great literary work, but it also resonates with the spirit of rock and with its edgy musical expression," says librettist and Anna Karenina representative Pavla Forest. The rock-metal production enhances the classic story from the novel by Leo Tolstoy, adds new dynamics, and transports it to the present time. This is also matched by the visual performance, which in addition to energetic music and breathtaking artistic numbers, will also offer original costumes, stylish masks, fire and light show.

The opera takes place in the biker club which represents a symbol of the state hierarchy and order. As part of the club, the audience is introduced to the tragic fate of Anna Karenina, her husband and also her lover, and the audience also gets to know the important moments in Oblonsky and Levinov families. Above all, the audience will peek into the inner world of the characters raising a lot of questions. What role do love and family play in human life? Should a person go after his/her happiness and passion under any circumstances? What is the ideal relationship like between a husband and a wife? "The theme fits well into the present time. We are constantly dealing with human relationships, life crisis, dissatisfaction with our own lives, changes and happiness, moral values or our status in society. The play gives us time to reflect on our own problems and in its own way may even encourage us to try to solve them", says director Roman Štolpa.

The core triangle is portrayed by Pavla Forest (Anna Karenina), Jiří Zonyga (husband Alexei Karenin) and Jan Toužimský (lover Alexander Vronskij), whose distinctive voices will be complemented by the live band led by musician Milan Steigerwald. In the play will also appear Viktor Dyk, Žántí, Peter Semerád, Jana Paňková, Salvi Salvatore and many others. Acrobats will enliven the production with choreography by successful Irina Andreeva and Pyroterra group, which will present their mesmerising performance full of fire, pyrotechnics and dancing. As it is a tradition by now, the Anna Karenina rock opera will be directed by Roman Štolpa.


Hudba: Milan Steigerwald, libreto: Pavla Forest, režie: Roman Štolpa, choreografie: Irina Andreeva, kostýmy: Lucie Konopíková, scénografie: Pavla Forest, projekce: Veronika Vacínková, grafika: Michaela Fišerová, lighting desing, světelná režie: Michal Slunečko, zvuková režie: Ondřej Martínek, masky, líčení: Hana Šímová, asistent režie: Eva Petrášková, jevištní technika, rekvizitář: Jana Eichlerová, garderoba: Adriana Pítrová, media relations: Tomáš Kopečný, inspicient: Luboš Vayhel 


Anna Karenina: Pavla Forest, Alexej Karenin: Jiří Zonyga, Alexandr Vronskij: Jan Toužimský / Honza Tláskal, Stěpan Oblonskij: Viktor Dyk, Darja Oblonská: Žántí, Nikolaj Levin: Lukáš Šimon, Pachan - šéf gangu: Petr Opava, Kitty Ščerbacká: Jana Paňková / Zuzana Dovalová, Konstantin Levin: Salvi Salvatore, motorkáři: Matěj Kohout, Irina Andreeva, Adéla Trejbalová, Jana Eichlerová, Eva Petrášková, Barmani: Pyroterra, Zuzana Dovalová, Zuzana Horová