The band KING SIZE - RockOpera is a cult classic rock band from Prague, started in 1987 by pianist and composer Milan Steigerwald and singer and song writer Pavla Forest. They are well known for their virtuoso players and singers. They have trained and were co-founders with artists such as: Roman Lomtadze/drums ("Scars on Broadway" Darona Malakiana from System of a Down, Arakain, Čechomor), Lukáš Doxa Doksanský/drums (Arakain), Djordje George Eric/guitar (Citron).

Since 2006 they've dedicated themselves to a music theater RockOpera Praha, in which the band King Size is the musical component, live on stage.

Star singers such as opera diva Eva Urbanová (New York Metropolitan Opera, National Theater Prague), Kamil Střihavka (Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar, BSP, Leaders), Jan Toužimský (Arakain), Jan Macků (Dymytry), Marka Rybin (Gaia Mesiah), Viktor Dyk, Tomáš Hájíček (Krucipüsk) or Lenka Dusilová have contributed their collaboration on the project to build a globally unique and original rock music theater scene, that is sought after by viewers.

Educational activities of the band members are also exceptional. Pavla Forest is a sought-after singing teacher, Richard Scheufler sr. has brought up pleiads of bass players, both here and in the UK.

In the year 2021, the band KING SIZE are resuming their concert activities by an array of livestreams and are starting a concert tour, beginning on New Year's Eve 2021 in the arena of RockOpera Praha.

Current members:

  • Pavla Forest - vocal, lyrics
  • Maru Steigerwald - vocal, English lyrics
  • Milan Steigerwald - keyboard, band-master
  • Martin Holly Holander - guitar
  • Jan Peš - guitar
  • Richard Scheufler sr. - bass guitar
  • Richard Scheufler jr. - drums

illustration: Maru Steigerwald

Photos: Jan Saudek, Jan Pohribný, Michaela Zajíčková, Vladimír Wiesmaier, Kamil Tatar, archiv King Size