For years it's been our mission to give you the best theatrical and musical experience. And what has come out of it? We dare to say that it's something so unique that you won't stumble upon anything like it anywhere else. Our live band will set your rock-loving soul on fire! Strong emotions such as pure joy, melting love, suspense, fear and even dread drip from every tune to capture you and take your breath away. Our charismatic singers, actors, acrobats and dancers retell bygone tales as you remain mesmerized with prickly goose bumps on your back. You'll love our artistic adaptation of the stories we've chosen to enchant you with. We're grateful for your continuous support and endless recommendations of our performances. Thanks to your generosity we're able to create more, show you more and entertain you more!


Do you want to experience the atmosphere of a rock festival in a theater? It is possible! We do not put our band in a orchestřiště, it plays right on the stage. You will not miss the phenomenal rythmics: amazing harmony of Richard Scheufler sr. (bassguitar; Pražský výběr II, works along the best-known czech artists) Martin Ivan (the most desired bassguitar player in the Czech republic) and Richard Scheufler jr. (a drummer with his heart and his soul). The duo of guitar masters consists of two amazing players - Jan Peš and Martin Hollandr.


They so not just sing with their voice, they pour their soul into their music! Honza Toužimský (Arakain), Kamil Střihavka, Viktor Dyk (Waw), Pavla Forest, Jiří Zonyga, Žántí (Matahari), Daniela Gildenlöw Langrová, Helena Kubelková (Rheia), Miroslava Časarová, Petr Opava (Jagabab), RAVEN (Nasycen), Honza Tláskal (Narttu), Beego, Petr Kutheil and many others...RockOpera Praha connects well-known professionals with talented young singers. Many of them are students of our Rock academy. 


Fire, lights, movement, acrobatics! This show will take your breath away - you can expect only the best performances from our professionals. Physical theater under the lead of famous choreographer Irina Andreeva (TEATR NOVOGO FRONTA). Air acrobatics, fireshow, pole dance, giant puppets... All that in a stylish art adaptation of costumes, scenes and make-up. Striking motives, punk hair-styles, ripped stockings, heavy STEELS...


Milan Steigerwald and Pavla Forest - creative musicians with unlimited fantasy, quality education, years of experience and rich past in the music industry (eg. King Size). RockOpera Praha, which they have founded, focuses exclusively on adapting their own works. They choose stories that think deeply about what it means to be human for their operas, as well as topics that are timeless and do not change with regard to historical context.