Concert premiere on Friday 31 December 2021, theater premiere on Tuesday 29 March 2022 at RockOpera Prague.

The newest piece by RockOpera Praha focuses on the Virgin Mary

RockOpera Praha is already getting ready for their annual new years party, at which they plan to introduce some of the songs from the Maria Madonna rock opera that is currently in the works.

"The piece should be about the life of Jesus Christ, told through the eyes of the Virgin Mary. Besides rock and metal, I also want to incorporate gregorian chant," disclosed art director, composer, pianist and producer of the record Milan Steigerwald. The title role is to be portrayed by art director, singer and librettist of RockOpera Praha Pavla Forest, Jesus Christ will be played by Honza Tláskal.

"If the situation allows it and the new years party will take place, the theater will be playing on Thursday, 31st of December. Aside from novelties, we'll play the best hits of our repertoire. Following that should be a party in the foyer, lasting until the night," says Pavla Forest.

Director: Irina Andreeva

Music: Milan Steigerwald

Libretto: Pavla Forest