Horror rock opera by Milan Steigerwald and Pavla Forest about scary monster with human feelings.

Concert premiere 31. 12. 2018, theater premiere 10. 4. 2019 in RockOpera Praha.


Another spooky play which RockOpera Theatre offers is based on the famous classical horror novel by the English writer Mary Shelley. As the musical teasers on RockOpera's YouTube channel suggest, the opera is music-wise focusing on the synthesis of metal and electronic music.

The play tells the story of doctor Frankenstein, a crazy scientist who creates a hideous monster with human feelings - the plot from the 19th century book deals with the dilemma of creation and is to an extent inspired by classical mythology. The disturbing tale is very popular to date, partially thanks to the many film adaptations. The most famous actor who played the Frankenstein monster is the British actor Boris Karloff - he first appeared on the movie screens in 1931.


Music: Milan Steigerwald, libretto: Pavla Forest, director: Roman Štolpa, choreography: Irina Andreeva, assistant director: Eva Petrášková, scenography: Pavla Forest, costumes: Lucie Konopíková, graphics, projections: Michaela Fišerová, Tereza Doležalová, sound engineer: Richard Scheufler Jr., symphonic arrangement: Daniel Wunsch, lighting design: Michal Slunečko, stage master: Jana Eichlerová, PR, marketing: Tomáš Kopečný, Jiří Štraub, stage manager: Luboš Vayhel


Monster, Thief: Viktor Dyk, Viktor Frankenstein: Jan Toužimský/ Honza Tláskal, Elizabeth: Žántí, Maid Justýna: Pavla Forest, Student Clerval: Honza Tláskal / Martin Sluka, Professor Krempe: Petr Opava, Daughter-in-law of the blind man: Helena Kubelková, Son of the blind man, Frankenstein's father: Salvi Salvatore, Autopsy material: Magdaléna Tempírová, People: Sbor rockové akademie (pod vedením Michaely Květenské), Living Barbie: Marie Kobrlová, Olesya Danelová, Michal Nagy, Matěj Kohout