Horror rock opera about the ever-current theme that is the freedom of a human being.

Concert premiere: 31. 12. 2022

Theatrical premiere: 12. 4. 2023


In some religions and myths, Lilith is considered the first woman, even predating Eve.

She refused to submit to both Adam and God, so she left the Garden of Eden and is said to have given birth to demons with other supernatural creatures.

Lilith's origin story is the focus of the latest rock opera by Milan Steigerwald and Pavla Forest, called "Mother of Demons".

"It's a response to Maria Madonna. We want to interpret Lilith's fate as a horror story." says Milan Steigerwald, artistic director of RockOpera Prague, composer and keyboardist, about the upcoming work. The opera will draw inspiration from one of the theater's most successful projects, The Exorcist, as well as the recent production of "Maria Madonna".

"Lilith is often perceived very negatively. But we look at her story differently. In Eden, you could stand either on the side of God or on the opposite pole. Lilith defied convention, she did not want to have sex with Adam in a Misionary Position, because she did not understand why she should have rested under him when they were both created from clay. Adam attempted to force himself on her, and she fled." explained Pavla Forest, who serves as the executive director, librettist, and singer adding that the upcoming opera will deal with the ever-current theme of the freedom of a human being.