Why Rock academy? RockOpera Praha imposes an interesting challenge for you - it is us who can, thanks to you, spectators, introduce ourselves in the light of the reflectors, and it is you, spectators, who reward us with your applause. Our proposal is: Let's switch our roles! How would you like that? And that's by no means all we can offer!

Would you like to perform in RockOpera? Then learn how! Hanging a certificate from a course on your wall is nice, but how about becoming a member of our ensemble? As a classic once said: one talent used to be worth ten oxes in the ancient Rome. We do not have oxes in RockOpera, but we do have a theater. And a big stage with a spot that might just be meant for you.


RockOpera Praha opens Master courses designated for both beginner or advanced artists, or even non-professional public. The goal of the master courses is to give insight on singing, movement, playing on a musical instrument and at the same time to motivate the beginners. Art courses are in the form of an open class of the advanced students with the audience of the beginners. The courses take place in RockOpera Praha every saturday. The participants can sign up for courses according to their own interest and preferences under the lead of professional lecturers. Afterwards their skills and dispositions will be cultivated in the field they've chosen to pursue.


New semester begins on the 14.1.2023. You can sign up now or during the semester.

Serious applicants, send your application form here:

Subject: singing - group course under the lead of Pavla Forest

- the course will take place every saturday from 9 am:
09:00 - 09:45 singing technique, vocal and breathing warm-up (lectors Pavla Forest, Petr Opava, Helena Kubelková)
09:45 - 10:30 singing, rhythm, song rehearsal (Petr Opava, Pavla Forest or Helena Kubelková)
10:30 - 12:00 - stage speech (director and actress Alice Šnirychová) 
12:00 - 13:30 - physical acting (director, actress and choreographer Irina Andreeva)
13:30 - 15:00 - acrobatics on shawl (acrobats Natty, Salvi Salvatore, Radka Šlesingerová)

                    - at the same time Flamenco with Dominika Lišková

or stage and fire acrobatics (acrobat and dancer Tereza Atanas Georgievová)

- 1 course = 10 lectures in 1 semester, that is from the 14. 1. 2023 to the 25.3.2023.


- min. 5, max. 20people, 4.000/ 10 lectures
- sale 50% for Prague 7 residents, students, ZTP and senior citiziens.
The price includes the opportunity to attend all group courses free of charge during the semester.


-price 450,-/ 1,5 hours/group course
- price 500,-/ combination of more courses (singing + acting, singing + acting + shawl, singing + shawl)
- sale 50% for Prague 7 residents, students, ZTP and senior citiziens.


- according to an agreement with a lector, 700,-/hour, 1 hour = 45 minutes

SINGING: lectors Pavla Forest, Petr Opava, Helena Kubelková

SINGING AND RYTHMICS WITH RYTHMICAL INSTRUMENTS (drums, percussion) under the lead of Pavla Forest or Richard Scheufler

STAGE SPEECH, ACTING under the lead of Alice Šnirychová

PHYSICAL ACTING under the lead of Irina Andreeva

BASSGUITAR under the lead of Richarda Scheufler

ACROBATICS ON SHAWLS: lecturers: Salvi Salvatore, Natty

PIANO: under the lead of Aida Mujačić

STAGE DUEL: Under the lead of Jakub Švec